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Transition Into Fall

How many of us are ready for Fall? To be honest this is not my favorite time of the year. I do not like cool or cold weather. I also do not like the time change, it gets dark outside quickly.

If U are anything like me, U do not like the dark.Your mind wanders and U begin to think of the randoms, the what if's, if U could haves, and they don't always lead to great emotions or great head spaces.

Did U know there is a such thing as seasonal depression and many do not know they fall into it during the transition of the last two seasons? Yes, believe it or not daylight has a lot to do with how we operate, our clarity, and our mood.

As I prepare for the next season, I would like share 3 of my personal favorite tips of how I help myself with this issue:

1. Get outside during the day. Many of us work a 9 to 5 and we may go in during the light and come out in the dark. During your lunch break take a 10 minute walk outside or have lunch out if U can. Just being in the light can help the feeling, relieve the tension out of the body, and increase Vitamin D' levels if the sun is out. A nice brisk walk can also help U balance out any stress as well that U may be going through.

2. Stay occupied at night. If U are anything like me, my cup runneth over with things to do. Ranging from homework, clients, writing, my family, friends, military, and self-care. I am up late at night when everyone is asleep getting things I need done. IT HELPS. By the time I am finished being busy I have no time to think about being down or depressed for any reason; I want to sleep LOL.

3. Journal your emotions. From year to year I realize I do better when I read the feelings from the year before. It is my Transition to Fall journal. I am able to look at the feelings I had and what kept me in those down moods the year prior and look for trends. Many reasons the same mood occurs is due to the repeated cycles we have in our lives and just haven't taken the time to hit the do not repeat on our life.

Although there are so many more things that U can do, this is what keeps me out of the rabbit hole. I don't like being there and faking it until U making it doesn't work. Feeling lost in your own thoughts and feelings and being unable to explain for someone is hard. Especially when it was a Hot Girl Summer for U and U Fall right into the season like everything around U. No one understands where this comes from, but it can happen.

I pray for an easy Transition into Fall.

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