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Perspective Is Everything

"The Little things are important"

The Little Things

Question, what do U see in this picture?

I had someone say WATER.. (Fair Answer)

Someone else said my dreams (imaginative right?)

A third person said LIFE..... (WOW)

No one had the same answer or the wrong answer. It is their perspective of what they see and how they view this one picture. True it is water...HOWEVER, the others saw their dreams and life going deeper than the eye can see, how did they come up with this perspective?

Your perspective can deter how U view and react to the challenges of your day. If U wake up with an attitude, most likely U are going to face the day with one and it will in turn bring consequences (how people respond to U, how situations play out, etc) which makes it even worse.

There are little things that we can do that can change the outlook of our day, our week, our month, our year, and our entire life. For some it could be just having a cup of coffee while sitting at their desk that can change their perspective of how their day will go or staying in the shower an extra three minutes that can alter their the mood after a restless night of sleep. On a larger scale how we view success that can drive our work ethic and consistency in our businesses or as an employee.

Have U ever asked yourself what can U do to make your situation better? Well for starters, nothing good ever comes with a negative outlook. If U want change, Change begins with U. Yes, it is that simple. U have to be the change U want to see in your day, week, month, year in your career, relationships, and etc...

I know it can be hard... but it is a matter of doing instead of doubting that U can. Changing the perspective is the hardest but when U change your mind your circumstances can/will change too.

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