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MARCHing Along

WOW can U believe we are in the FINAL MONTH of the first 90 days of the year?? It was just yesterday that it was the start of the New Year!!! Well now that we are here I could not be more excited about what is next in the second quarter of our year. Let me ask U, did U complete all of your goals? Do U know why U didn't if U said no?

Transformation requires U to replay all of what happened and why it happened. Ask yourself what caused U to not meet those goals that U set and NOW how to resolve them going into the next. One of the things I failed to do as an individual and as an entrepreneur is to follow up with myself when things didn't work out. I didn't sit down and review the behaviors, the strategies, the systems that I did not have! How many of us do that EVERY quarter?

When U want success in anything whether it is in a relationship, finances, mindset, craft, does not matter U have to see what U are missing or not implementing when it isn't as successful as U would like.. It can be as minor as doing a little more research and tweeking systems. That is the key to seeing your growth every step of the way. Knowing what to do, how to do, and what NOT to do.

We make mistakes not even I am exempt. However it is ONLY a mistake once when we OWN IT and take the time to prevent that same thing from happening again. If we repeat it then we have to OWN the consequences, which is sometimes costly and even more disappointing.

Happy MARCHing into the next quarter. Whatever your goals are small or big THEY MATTER and fulfill them with purpose and pride.

Be Empowered, Be Encouraged, & Motivated to Execute in Purpose,

Life Coach Nesi

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