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Mama Africa

Wow!! I cannot believe that I am headed to Johannasburg, Africa for my THIRD international business retreat. It was just two years ago where I was getting rejections to speak on platforms left and right. I was being told that my vision wasn't clear enough and for me to try again when it does.

We all dream of going somewhere and I didn't know that my somewhere would be Africa. I visited Dubai in March of 2018 and Paris in September of the same year. I told myself that no matter how hard it would get I had to continue to be intentional in my purpose and strategic in the decisions I made for me and my business. Although it sounds cliche U have to do what U have to do. That even meant if I had to let people go so that my vision wasn't impeded on and clouded due to their negativity then they have to be let go and I was okay with that. I had to be. No one can determine my level of success but me.

I am just returning from Iraq literally 4 days ago and my body right now does not know the time zone in which I am in. I am truly exhausted. HOWEVER, I prepared in advance to get the work done and show up for Uncovering The New U. When U show up for your business it will show up for U. I didn't care about being tired, that is what a pharmaceutical company made melatonin for. LOL But seriously it has helped balance out my sleep patterns so that I have enough energy to show up.

My Talk is going to be powerful and purposeful and intentional to the Queens in the room. It will force to be accountable in their transition, in their transformation, and to ignore the naysayers that exist in their environment. THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE THEMSELVES PERMISSION TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

While I am here in Africa I plan to not only network but connect with everyone to build a global platform. I am excited to see what can come of my presence being here. Remember EVERY opportunity has a POSSIBILITY to create a new wave of OPTIONS that OPENS more doors! As one of my favorite Transformational Speakers, Lisa Nichols would say, "There is no more playing small when U want something, it is time to play FULL OUT."

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