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Leaving ALL of it behind.

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

How often do U find yourself wanting to shut LIFE down because U are just tired of failing, tired of trying, tired of just being tired? It feels like everyday is the same old story; even when U do your best it is just the same type of try and the same results. Is this U?

Bishop TD Jakes stated in one of his sermons, "A person can leave rehab and be completely sober, but as soon as they return to their environment where drugs exist, they relapse. It is not the drug they are addicted to it is the environment." He made a point. He made a point to where we now say hmm... are the people and things around us causing us to repeat things we are tired of? Well.. are they? Most times yes. Our relationships can inhibit our progression and extend our demise. Our constant pursuit of implementing the strategies that do not work. As much as I hate to believe that, I think of when I was being beat by my ex and if I had of stayed I would have never Uncovered the New Me. My environment then kept me low. Kept me bound and the longer I allowed myself to stay I would have stayed in the same mindset. Is this U?

That is a scary feeling and it leaves U bottled up inside wondering how U are ever going to just LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND so that U can move forward. The reality of this situation is that there is no specific time when this happens unless U decide it is time. U can have so many moments where U are up and moments of when U are down but it is in that moment U decide, when U are ready U must LEAVE WHAT HAPPENED BEHIND and move on. That includes leaving people too.

U don't ever have to feel guilty for letting things go because the longer U hold on to it, the longer U allow it to hold on to U, your ability to execute in purpose, and the way U view your life and success. TODAY IS THE DAY U ARE LEAVING IT ALL BEHIND and choosing not to look back. #LIfeCoachNesi

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