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"I feel heavy"

When U desire to have a certain quality of life U are willing to push, pull, and drag ideas, thoughts, and even strategies out of U. Right? U try everything it feels and nothing still seems to work. Shortly after then self-doubt, the option of quitting, worry, the fear of getting back up, and frustration sets in. Does this sound like U right now or close to it?

When U get to a point such as this sometimes U have to take a step back from everything and everyone to revaluate U. Ask yourself why are U stuck and what caused U to become stuck in the negative areas of concern in your life. Mentally, this is not a safe space for U to be in too long. These doubts, fears, frustrations can take over and change everything about U. It can cause U to be moody, have the desire to always be alone, lazy, constant mind racing so U never sleep, and so many other physical issues.

NOTE: Please DON'T ever feel guilty about trying to understand why U feel or what caused U to feel this heavy. Taking care of U is essential and should be a main priority of your day to day activities.

But U have to pull yourself out of this MOMENT because troubles do not last always. The burdens of life can weigh heavy down us but they are NOT PERMANENT. They only become permanent when U do not take action. In the beginning it is not easy to find. To find U, journaling helps. Write down what is on your mind and allow the thoughts to flow. It doesn't have to be structured or in complete sentences just let go of what is inside. It is not good to hold on to these feelings too long. And in that moment of reflection U are able to see logically what kept U there in that moment. Mentorship is an additional way to sift through this type of mindset. It is common to feel as if we can get through it by ourselves but it is much harder to be transparent with ourselves rather than with others.

Don't wait to let those burdens U are carrying go. They can take over U faster than U can push them out of the way. Taking the ax and chipping it off piece by piece will allow it never roll down

Psalm 81:6 reads: "I removed his shoulder from the burden: his hands were freed from the basket."

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