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Even after it's over

The holidays bring so much joy to families around the world. Even if one does not celebrate the actual holiday, the fellowship of family, friendship, and food in one room, just changes the mood even if for one day. We are grateful, we are excited about seeing family, reminiscing about our younger days, and seeing everyone together for a change in one room. There is an overwhelming amount of joy. Do U ever feel this way?

The hardest part for some is learning how to be grateful even after one day. This can be hard for many just because of the circumstances we may have to go back too. Some of us may be going through a divorce, the death of someone close, financial issues, mental health issues, sickness, and so many other possibilities.

Despite being easier said than done, every day is another opportunity for U to find joy and peace through your circumstances. There is an opportunity to find joy in your storm. Knowing U have a chance to change, heal, try again are reasons to seek joy. Knowing U have the option to change, heal, try again are reasons to seek peace. So that leaves room for POSSIBILITY, HOPE, a CAN, and a WILL.

It can hard to see clearly even after it's over, but just because the day is over doesn't mean your happiness has to go with it.

Coach Nesi

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