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Atlanta, Georgia 


Breaking the Cycle

How many of us actually sit down and PLAN for the year ahead? Be honest with me and most of all yourself. Do U ever take a moment and say how do I want to go into the NEXT year, what do I want to go into the NEXT year with, who I want to go with, and etc? If your answer is NO.. let me tell U why U may be delaying your success.

When I was a single mother the only thing on my mind was to figure out how I was going to make it day to day and yes I fell into that new year new me EVERY YEAR when it came to setting goals for New Years. One day I actually sat down and looked at how the years unfolded. I always seemed to have the same cycle of struggles around the same time every year, and I was doing just about the same things as well. Has this ever happened to U or are U going through this right now?

What was happening is that from year to year I was doing the same things. I THOUGHT I was doing enough to get different results but in reality I wasn't getting anywhere, the cycle was never broken. So during this ANNUAL INVENTORY I realized that every year I struggled, I found out there were things I needed to find or start in the year BEFORE to ensure my advancement in the NEXT. I had to find the resources, connect with people, understand the investments, create the vision, and make the plan of HOW to get to what I want in my NEXT.

At the sixth or seventh month mark I do a mid year INVENTORY of self and my goals and what I have achieved and what I have not. I am real with myself and don't allow myself to keep moving forward when I know there are tweaks in the process to get what I want. I make the tweaks to adjust and began planning for what I want 2020 to simply look like. As I know PLANS DO CHANGE, but I know that I don't want my first six months of 2020 to look like my 2019.

Near the end of the year is when I can say my goals were met or not met; my annual inventory. It may be possible to carry them over to the next but then I can replace the NEW GOALS for those I have already won. Growth is a process that has to happen from goal to goal and struggle to struggle and year to year. U do not have to struggle to be successful but U have to know that cycles are meant to be broken and can be but U just have to recognize FIRST that U are in one. #BreakTheCycle