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SheNesia Ewing, 
is an 18- year Combat Veteran, Certified International TransformationLife Coach,  speaker, and author.
 Coach Nesi started UncoveringtheNewU, LLC in 2010 and completed life coaching school in June 2016.
She started Uncovering the New U, LLC originally as a fitness company out of desperation where soon
after she identified her passion to encourage women to strategize and solve their circumstances rather
than "getting over them". In her journey she lost everything, leaving her with a -$3,000 bank account,
pregnant, homeless, a single mother, and hope. 
She has served over 800 women across the US.  As a Life Coach, Nesi’s mission is to teach women how
to transition their mindset by providing tangible resources and skills to help them let go of their past
and push them into their present through the change of perspective. In addition, control how
they see, react and resolve those circumstances. She helps them to find a POSSIBILITY and create 
OPTIONS even at their lowest point.
She is the author of “UncoveringTheNewU, Change your Mind, Change your Circumstances,” The Civilian
Soldier," and the co-Author of "Plan C" a workbook for life coaches. She has contributed to a
number of magazines, books, podcasts, YouTube channels, and spoken on
multiple radio stations across the US. She has shared her expertise globally by also visiting Dubai UAE, 
Paris, France, Kurdistan, Iraq, Cape Town, Africa, Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Tokyo, Japan.
She is also a wife, mother, and a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the US. Army. 
My Purpose isn't about me..
"When U have lost it all U know there is nothing that U won't do to get it back. This is my personal testimony. We all have one, now let's talk about yours!"
I had to lose myself and all materialistic things to understand exactly what that meant. This is my purpose for serving U. To let U know that, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Help U regain your perspective on what being healthy physically and emotionally LOOKS & FEELS like to help reveal the light in your path. 
In that moment U desire to quit, I need U to RETHINK, RESET, AND TRY AGAIN. I know it is easier said than done, however, CHANGE BEGINS WITH U. For me to see the light in my path, I had to change my mind, to change my circumstances."  


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Life Coach Nesi

Uncovering The New U, LLC is a full-service Fitness company that provides group, workshop, and corporate services for women who desire to make being healthy a LIFESTYLE rather than seasonal. Our services help to position their mindsets on the importance of fitness to one's mental health and identify the barriers that affect their ability to be consistent, dedicated, disciplined and determined to living this lifestyle. We assist them in uncovering their struggles, recovering their strengths, and discovering how to balance their day to day to become successful.
For those who already may know what they want to do, but struggle with self-doubt, time management, goal setting, organization, and resilience we provide services for personal and career development. 
  • Certified Life Coach 

  • Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

  • Domestic Violence Survivor

  • Master Resiliency Trainer 

  • Master Fitness Trainer 

  • Bachelors of Science in Biological Science

  • Masters of Science in Sport & Exercise Psychology

  • Doctorate of Psychology pending

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