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Uncovering The New U is a call to action memoir for the woman looking to identify their own strength and power to live ON purpose and intentionally. International Speaker & Life Coach SheNesia Ewing reveals challenges caused by single motherhood, sexual assault, domestic violence, alcoholism, and homelessness because of her selflessness, lack of self-esteem, and failure to understand her worth. 
All she ever wanted was to be liked by peers and loved by family. While in the pursuit of personal freedom she realizes that two things stand in the way. Her internal enemy caused by doubt and fear and the habit of sacrificing more for others than she does herself.
When she declared her independence from herself, she began tapping into her personal power, forcing her to learn how to live beyond her pain and circumstances. She realized that as a single mother there is no such thing as giving up or settling. It was up to her to change her mind to change her circumstances. Her ability to do and move forward was based on how long she ALLOWED the pain to linger in her mind, body, and spirit. No one can deliver her from her pain but her. Along the journey of pursuit, she learns how to walk in happiness uncovering something she never knew she had; HERSELF. 
Plan C is a comprehensive workbook created BY life coaches FOR coaches about COACHING. This workbook was exclusively designed for aspiring and or seasoned coaches looking for additional insight, motivation and useful tools to grow their brand and expand as a coach.
The chapters within this workbook include examples of client activities and intake forms, content for branding, Inspiring stories from 7 additional new and seasoned coaches, coaching hacks, and a 30-day challenge designed exclusively for Life coaches!
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The Civilian Soldier is a call to action memoir encouraging and educating reserve soldiers to grab a hold of their civilian lives and take advantage of the opportunities the military offers to maximize living a double life. SFC SheNesia Ewing reveals her challenges caused by the lack of resources, in-depth military knowledge, leadership, and circumstances of life that threw curveballs in both her military and civilian careers.
Her dream was to be successful and mimic the life of her father who provided for his family with no problem while on Active Duty and reaped the benefits of his career. She realized that living a double life was harder to maintain when she couldn’t do what she desired, working overtime to maintain and sustain a healthy work-life balance, and depleting her energy to have success rather than struggle.
When she finally started leveraging the opportunities of the military in her civilian career she began to see the success many talked about who served as Reservist and National Guardsmen. She realized that she had to educate herself and become her own leader to lead others to understand the power in trusting self, leading self, and leveraging opportunities in any environment.
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